The parent company of Bickel Flowers is the Bickel Group, which deals in various fields, including real estate, but our hearts and roots are planted in agriculture.

Our vision  is a strategy that combines  with the most advanced agricultural technology we have in a way that will bring  to the first line in the international standard, bypassing the existing situation, just as mobile phones bypassed the fixed line network.

 Many countries received a gift from the sun most days of the year. This is usually seen as a problem but in modern agriculture, it can be used as a gift to God.The sun is a source of energy for plants and many countries received it for free, while in other countries millions of dollars are invested in the production of artificial light for the cultivation of agricultural products.

It is right  that the state and its financial institutions will assist in projects where the investment ensures return on investment and prosperity for the country, exchange rates, financing institutions will benefit from loan repayment, bank accounts for employees, employment of women and men in such projects, even in many villages that are now  without employment, and they will have a tremendous development, and they constitute the majority of the population. More and more elements in the country will benefit from these initiatives.

At the national level, support for banking institutions in investments to high-tech entrepreneurs in agriculture will increase power and increase consumption.

Instead of investing again and again in the same way that is more unacceptable and old, invest one-time more investment money for years that returns itself. To products that the market needs and the quality that the local and the international market demands.

In the use that we know to do right, the eternal sun and more, will compete fairly with the international market because the crop will increase in comparison to other countries will increase and the most important advantage is that you can supply products in the international market most of the year when most of the world does not have sun energy. 

Therefore, our vision is to turn the investors to be an international leading supplier of agricultural produce, on the condition that it is done at the highest technological level that is compatible with. Our technology is in fact – the location- neutral.  The way the product is developed is in such optimal conditions that the final product looks the best in appearance and quality as if it grew in a country that has the most reputation in that product.


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